Bed & Breakfast Brisbane

Brisbane is a great place to unwind, relax and soak up the pleasant surroundings. There is no better way to experience what the locals have to offer than staying with them in a Bed and Breakfast.

Brisbane is a popular destination for its culture, scenery and outdoor activities. It can be easy to just go with the usual itinerary of packaged experiences and plastic hotel rooms. Why not try something different this time? Why not try a bed and breakfast?

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If this is new to you, you're in for a treat. The B&B lifestyle is different to what you find in hotels. The pace is slower, a bit more contemplative. At the same time, there is always something interesting to do, whether it's exploring the grounds, learning about the history of the property or planning the day's explorations with the help of your host.

Here are five reasons why you need to stay at a bed and breakfast next time you visit Brisbane.

1. The ambience.

Big hotels are designed to be predictable. Business travellers want to know what to expect, and don't like surprises. With large staffs and standardised rooms, a big hotel feels like it's just a place to sleep. A bed and breakfast is uniquely shaped by both the property it occupies and the owners who run it. You may find yourself at a cottage nestled in a hidden garden. Your room might be at the top of a grand mansion. Each establishment is different, and each experience is different.

2. The company.

One of the best things about travel is having the chance to meet new friends. That's just what innkeepers enjoy most about running a bed and breakfast. In addition to your room, you will have access to the common areas of the house. Whether it's a parlour, a lounge or a veranda, you'll find a welcoming place to relax and plan your day's events. Instead of the bustle of an impersonal hotel lobby, a B&B offers a welcoming space where you will meet friendly and interesting people.

3. The breakfast.

Some hotels offer breakfast, but it's usually a steam-table affair where the food on offer is - let's just say that some foods aren't meant for steam tables. Breakfast is when the owner of a bed and breakfast gets to show off. Your meal will feature local specialties and local ingredients. You get a chance to talk to the cook. When was the last time you wanted the recipe for something you ate at a hotel breakfast?

4. Local knowledge.

Your innkeepers know the area because they live there. They can tell you which restaurants are good and which ones you should avoid like the devil. They know what the locals do for fun, how to get there and what you'll need to enjoy it properly. Whether you fancy whale watching at Point Lookout, sightseeing from atop the Story Bridge or a day of shopping in Fortitude Valley, you'll be able to get the local perspective on the best places to go and the most interesting things to do.

5. Privacy.

Since a bed and breakfast is smaller than a hotel, there are fewer people around. The grounds and common areas give plenty of room to wander without being disturbed. You may have the place to yourself while the other guests are off on their adventures. It's like staying with friends who know when to disappear.

A bed and breakfast isn't just a room for the night. It's someone's home. The people who run the establishment are fully focused on their guests. They take pride in their work and a personal interest in your comfort. Running a B&B is more than a livelihood for your hosts. It's a way of life.

Brisbane is 922km (10h 39m) from Sydney and even further (1,788km 19h 46m) from Melbourne. Don't even think of driving from Perth - we recommend flying. This page has plenty of flights to Brisbane. However, Virgin Australia often run deals that are only available on their site and don't forget that Flight Centre will match any advertised fare.

You probably already have an idea about what you want to do when you stay in Brisbane. One thing you definitely, absolutely must add to your list is a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art. GOMA, as it is affectionately called, is possibly the best modern art musuem in Australia. The displays change frequently and there is also a dedicated kids section, so you can bring them along. Top it off with a great location in the centre of Brisbane.

Brisbane is 922km (10h 39m) from Sydney and even further (1,788km 19h 46m) from Melbourne. Don't even think of driving from Perth. For that reason, we recommend flying. For cheap flights, try as they specialise in finding cheap domestic flights.

From the airport to your B&B, why not go in style? Uber are a great alternative to taxis.